• Food & Fitness Book Club

    Join our FREE Food & Fitness Book Club. We will be reading and discussing books on food, fitness, and self-improvement. Meetings will be held in person and virtually.

    Our next book is The Four Hour Body, written by Timothy Ferriss. Reading Starts March 1, 2022

  • Our “Why”!

    Someone asked, “Why” open a gym”? Why keep it open after a pandemic”?

    This is our “WHY”! These are the reasons we opened and the reasons we continue to stay open.

    Our purpose is to help others reach their goals and do things they never imagined possible. The joy our clients feel when they achieve a goal gives us an indescribable sense of fulfillment.

    We want to help and support others, build a community for all to feel safe and secure, and elevate and empower our fitness family to become the best version of themselves.



    What Motivates You?

    Let’s talk #motivation, shall we?🤪

    What gets you excited to move your body? Check out what these trainers have to say about their own sources of motivation!

    1. “I love the way exercising makes me feel. I feel strong, confident, and energized. I also feel like a total BADA**!” – @sculpted_by_the_bell

    2. “I workout to have the confidence and strength to achieve any goal I set my mind to. The feeling of reaching the peak of a mountain is unmatched and I want to share that feeling with as many people as I can.” – @_kottaaaa_

    3. “We all have our superheroes; some may be born with their abilities, others are blessed/cursed, and some create their own superpower. I know I’ll never actually become a power ranger, but I also know that I can count on aerial to at least let me feel as strong and confident as, I would imagine, a power ranger would feel.” – @airwreckugh__