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New Website for Personal Training!

Check out personaltrainingwithatp.com if you are looking to take your fitness to a personal and/or private level.

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Aerial Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, and Strength Training -- off the ground!

This practice uses a silk fabric commonly referred to as a hammock, swing, and/or sling suspended from a secure point above.  During the sessions, the hammock may be placed at ankle, knee, or hip height.  Support from the silk provides the opportunity to embrace postures that may not be attainable on the floor.  Meanwhile, working against gravity calls on your deep stabilizers to fire, allowing for complete core activation.  You can expect to feel longer, lighter, and overall stronger after just one session.

Available for personal training, partner training, and private group training!

Classes Offered

Small-Group Fitness


Bootcamp and H.I.I.T


Aerial Fitness

Run Club

Strength and Conditioning



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